Regenerative Medicine for General and
Cosmetic Dentists

Help Accelerate Patient Healing and Reach Aesthetic Goals

Advance your dental practice with Regenerative medicine to promote the body’s natural healing and restorative power.

LUX Therapeutics specializes regenerative products.  Our tissue allograft technologies empower dentists with natural, science-based, and innovative treatment options. A Regenerative medicine approach separates your practice from others in your field. We offer injectable, topical, and patch applications to improve patient outcomes and to help accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  

Help Accelerate Patient Healing and Reach Aesthetic Goals

Allograft therapies support recovery after dental surgeries and procedures. In addition, they offer an alternative intervention to restore gum health. 

Applying allograft growth factors to surgical incisions, oral wounds, damaged or decayed gums, and other treatment protocols promotes healing and also the repair and restoration of the gingiva. 

LUX Therapeutics
Dentistry Products

We offer liquid injectables, topical suspensions, and patch products that work for various applications. These products support the reduction of bone grafting recovery times to accelerated healing of mouth ulcers. 

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