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The Power to Heal
with Regenerative Healthcare

LUX Therapeutics empowers healthcare providers to enhance healing with innovative Regenerative medicine.

We process high-quality tissue allograft products to support and help stimulate the human body’s innate repair mechanisms. Accelerated self-healing improves patient outcomes and their quality of life. 

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Our approach to Regenerative medicine builds on the body’s natural ability to heal itself by using re-purposed human tissue to help accelerate healing and slow cellular degeneration.  

Specifically, our regenerative products use allografts to support regrowth, repair, or replace damaged or diseased tissue. The products include injectable and topical suspensions customized to support healing. Consequently, patients realize desirable outcomes ranging from faster recovery from a resurfacing facial peel to reduced scarring from joint replacement surgery.  

LUX Therapeutics Products

Luxegen™ (L)

Luxegen A tissue allograft product derived from minimally manipulated umbilical cord tissue and consists mainly perivascular and collagen fibers, cytokines, growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells, etc. 

Several of these component perform functions such as repair, regeneration maintenance to support the viability of the fetus by protecting the integrity of blood vessels which are the only conduit of sustenance for survival from the mother to the developing fetus.

Theramend™ (L)

The Theramend patch is a minimally processed dehydrated amniotic membrane that is used as a protective wound covering to support healing of wounds. TM contains repair and regenerative factors such as growth factors, and inflammation modulatory factors such as cytokines, etc.

Its capabilities include wound healing via the regenerative pathway rather than the scar-mediated healing pathway and thus supports scar reduction during the healing process.

Areas for Treatment Use

Orthopedic &
Integrative Medicine

Orthopedists and other practitioners specializing in joint, bone, and soft tissue injury or disease use Regenerative medicine for improved outcomes and healing.

Injectable and topical solutions work to reduce inflammation and pain for chronic conditions like arthritis. These treatments also work to repair tissue and enhance cell regeneration for injuries. Patch treatment improves the healing of the incision site after surgery. 

General &
Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentists use regenerative healthcare solutions to advance healing after dental surgery or other cosmetic or general dental treatments.  

Specifically, the injectable, topical, and patch treatments work for tissue regeneration and protection after a bone graft, extraction, maxillary ridge augmentation, sinus floor augmentation, implants, and other therapeutic dental procedures. The regenerative solutions also advance healing for wounds, including from injury, lesions, abscesses, and other mouth sores. 


Plastic surgeons specialize in aesthetics, including scarless healing—our regenerative treatments aid surgeons by advancing post-surgical recovery. 

Tissue Allograft solutions promote the body’s natural healing properties to heal incision sites and encourage tissue growth after surgery. Injectable treatments combat inflammation and advance healing for fat transfer or bone grafts. 


Medical spas focus on reducing the signs and impact of aging, often caused by the body losing the natural ability to repair and regenerate tissue. 

Injectable, topical, and patch allograft applications work to advance outcomes through tissue growth and rejuvenation. Medical spa practitioners use these products for acne treatments, hair loss interventions, resurfacing peels, laser treatments, microdermabrasion, and more. 

Tap into
Optimized Healing

LUX Therapeutics uses human tissue ethically donated and reengineered to build on the body’s natural healing power.

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