Regenerative Medicine for Medical Spas

Rejuvenate, Renew, and Restore

Move your medical spa forward by incorporating regenerative medicine into your cosmetic and restorative services.

LUX Therapeutics advances medical spa treatments with high-quality tissue allograft therapeutics. We offer injectable, topical, and patch products that accelerate and stimulate the human body’s innate repair mechanisms.

Healthcare Solutions

Regenerative tissue allografts utilize the body’s natural ability to heal and restore. Our products include minimally manipulated human tissue derived from ethically donated umbilical cord and amniotic membrane. The powerful components contained in our products accelerate healing and lessen cellular degeneration.

Empower your clients with solutions that produce outstanding results. Take your client experience to the next level with advanced healing that restores a youthful appearance and vigor.

How Tissue Allografts Work for
Cosmetic Restoration

The impact of aging on appearance typically results from the body losing the natural ability to repair and regenerate tissue.

Allograft applications work by providing human growth factors, cytokines and mesenchymal stromal cells to damaged tissue to achieve growth, repair, and rejuvenation.

Our regenerative products work as a standalone application or can be combined with other procedures. When combined with other treatments or products, allograft therapies improve the results and reduce the risk of side effects.

LUX Technology Medical Spa Products

We offer a line of injectable, topical, and patch products designed to work across various practical applications. From orthopedic surgery to medical spa treatments, practitioners value the diverse healing power of regenerative medicine.

Our biotechnology specialists work with practitioners and healthcare providers to choose the best product to achieve the desired outcome.

Medical Spa Services Using
Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine taps into the body’s natural healing properties at the cellular level, which means our products offer practical solutions for most medical spa treatments.

Specifically, any treatment that results in scarring, swelling, or requires the healing of tissue may benefit from allograft therapies.

Hair Loss

Regenerative medicine works to reduce the impact of hair loss for men and women. Our products work in several ways for hair loss treatment.

Our products work as an injectable to the scalp or applied topically in conjunction with the micro needling of the scalp to regenerate follicles and achieve new hair growth and thickening. In addition, the application protects against infection, reduces inflammation, and minimizes scarring.

Regenerative medicine also works as an early intervention for thinning hair. As hair loss technology advances, human growth factors act as a catalyst to prevent hair loss and revitalize natural hair growth.

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