Regenerative Medicine for Orthopedic and
Integrative Medicine

Restore Bodily Function and Relieve Pain

Unlock the body’s healing potential with regenerative medicine designed to promote restoration and renewal at a cellular level. Allograft therapies help reduce pain and accelerate healing for patients with orthopedic conditions. 

LUX Therapeutics specializes in tissue allograft based solutions that improve outcomes through innovative medical technologies.  

Enhance your treatment protocols with regenerative solutions at all stages of care!  

We offer injectable, topical, and patch applications to support the alleviation of pain, arresting of tissue deterioration, improvement of motion, and management of chronic conditions. 

LUX Therapeutics Orthopedic Surgical and Intervention Products

LUX Therapeutics supports orthopedic and integrative medicine with our line of allograft products. We offer liquid and patch products that work as injectable and topical applications. Our products empower healthcare providers with advanced healing to promote long-term results, ranging from surgical wound covers to injectable pain relief interventions. 

Transforming Orthopedic Medicine
with Allograft Technology

Tissue Allograft products contribute to better outcomes for patients suffering from joint, bone, muscular, and chronic conditions. These products support accelerated healing by assisting in the reduction of inflammation and minimized scarring.  

These products have found successful outcomes in applications in areas including:

Unlock the Potential of
Regenerative Medicine in Orthopedics

Regenerative medicine transforms orthopedic and integrative medicine with science-based healthcare interventions.

Patients deserve innovative treatment options that accelerate healthy tissue growth. LUX Therapeutics empowers doctors and other practitioners with the latest advances in allograft technology. 

Expand your treatment protocols with the power of Regenerative medicine. Our allograft products support optimized healing and improved health outcome. Our team includes specialists in healthcare, science, and biotechnology.  

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